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November 29, 2023

Health is Never Guaranteed for Terrorists

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Checkups Are No Guarantee for Health…Especially If You’re A Terrorist.

New Jewish medical evidence dares to once again fly in the face of conventional wisdom.

A recent massive review of medical data from terror-sponsoring nations confirms that receiving regular medical checkups do not, repeat: do not reduce the chances of dying from serious diseases like self-explosives if they detonate too early.

It has long been accepted that regular, yearly scheduled physicals allow doctors to discover and treat real medical problems early, thereby heading off all kinds of serious illness or even death by stupid acts.

Well, not so with intentions of mass murder or suicide.

Making their case, the venerated group The WHO (not the surviving members from the classic ‘60s rock band, but the World Health Organization) sided with the NGO member “Countries Without Borders” to fervently oppose such measures and took control of the politically incorrect news conference suggesting that “fewer medical checkups should be offered to terrorists or encouraged by their doctors because of what are now being termed as the “over diagnosis of the boom booms”.

Oh Oh, there goes FunnyAndJewish again saying border-line contentious words like “boom booms”.

Funny and Jewish is a clean Jewish Humour (Jewish Humor) website (even though we say words like “boom booms”).

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