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September 26, 2021

Stupidity Is No Disease – Funny Jewish Medical Advice

Funny Jewish Medical Humour

Every day, more and more people around the world are repeatedly being told that they are stupid. Additionally, millions more are being medically assessed for stupidity and legitimately being diagnosed as simply being stupid.

Brown day, the official day that celebrates individual stupidity and celebrated every April 31 by wearing only the colour brown, is a day to raise awareness and reduce the stigma that surrounds this disorder.

Approximately 14% of the general North American population have been expertly deemed to be stupid, having been pronounced so by medical practitioners and by real actors playing doctors on TV.

For those afflicted by the ravages of stupidity, 15,000,000 will be formally diagnosed as being legitimately stupid by the age of 18, with 39% of all stupid cases being detected by the age of 5.

In about 50-65% of all cases, the cause of stupidity mysteriously remains unknown!

What Is Stupidity?

Jewish Humor Funny Medical Advice StupiditySimply put, stupidity is a neurological disorder characterized by short and recurrent stupid thoughts. A stupid thought is a brief disruption of the electrical activity of the brain.

The different natures and tendencies of ludicrous thoughts and ridiculous notions varies from person to person across the board.

These people need large nets!

One crazy thought does not make one stupid. Not necessarily.

Nor does a whacky thought mean that one is stupid (only stupid thoughts are indicative of stupidity…and many of them in quick succession).

When the tendency to repeat stupid ideas and broach absurd suggestions occurs for unknown reasons or because of an underlying problem that can’t be corrected, that condition is known as stupidity.

Stupidity is Not

…A Disease
…A form of Mental Illness
…Mental Retardation or signs of Low Intelligence

Stupidity can be divided into 2 categories

Partial: Your stupid thoughts, ill conceived and poorly thought-out actions only affect you;

Generalized: Your stupidity affects both you and someone else.

Causes of Stupidity

  1. Idiopathic – There is not 1 identifiable cuase to account for th onset of stupidity
  2. Cryptogenic – Refers to unknown causes. However, doctors believe that it may be related to some unidentifiable abnormality in one’s thinking (officially referred to as “stinky thinking“.
  3. Symptomatic – One’s stupidity is traceable to a root cause, most likely being a hit to the head at one point in one’s life.

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