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September 26, 2022

Dear Jewish Humor Lady

Jewish Humor Answer Lady

Do you know of any support groups for parents whose children refuse to move back home?

We have several 20-something children who have all finished school, are without jobs and can’t figure out what to do with the rest of their lives. I firmly believe that in today’s economy, it would be foolhardy not to move back home where meals, lodging and unconditional love are free.

My husband and I could use the emotional support that a group might provide. Do you know where we could find such a group, or does this association only exist in my head along with all those other voices?

Tearing Out What’s Left of My Husband’s Hair

Dear Tearing,

I do know of one organization called Never Cut The Chord.

(Full disclosure: Funny and Jewish is currently considering Never Cut The Chord as an advertising client.)

As a bubbie of too many grandchildren that I’ve lost count (Ed note: you can never have enough grandchildren), I also suggest holding an informal get-together meeting over a Sabbath lunch…your treat to start. But you are correct. Families with aging children living at home today have a lot more on their plates than pizza pops.

You and your husband must lay down some rules: The most important being that your babies are always grateful and behave with dignity while they sponge off you for the rest of your lives. The second, is that they must at some point during their stay, actively look for work (or marry someone who will).

Finally, you might also want to legally will the house to the lot of them so you can go off to your final resting place knowing that your kids will always have a roof over their heads.

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2 Responses “Dear Jewish Humor Lady”

  1. March 19, 2013 at 11:37 pm

    I found my dose for daily Jewish Humor right here.

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