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November 29, 2023

Dear Funny Jewish Humour Lady

Funny Jewish Humour Advice

Dear Funny Jewish Humour Lady:

I am an only Jewish child and recently married a Jewish woman. My Jewish wife has a Jewish sister who has three Jewish children. One is in Jewish nursery, the other is in a Jewish high school and the third is marrying a shiksa.

The little Mrs. And I agree that the gentile tradition of excessive gift giving over Christmas has become overblown and although we consider ourselves to be both quite well off (if you use The Kennedy’s as your standard of measure), we don’t want to imitate them or have their practices affect our Hanukkah festivities.

We are letting it known that in lieu of gifts, we will be exchanging recipes, donating blood and signing organ donor cards (later reconsidering and changing our decision because of buyer’s remorse…seller’s remorse in this case).

My sister-in-law vehemently disagrees with our position. She complains that we’re ruining it for everyone; specifically to the children to whom my Jewish wife has given gifts to each year.

My Jewish wife says that we should make an exception for these children. However, we also both agreed that when we decide to have children of our own, gift giving would not be a key part of our Hanukkah holiday celebrations.

My sister-in-law acknowledges that if we had our own kids, it would be OK not to give them gifts.

Any advice on how to respond to my sister-in-law or persuade my Jewish wife to hold firm on our Hanukkah convictions without appearing to be a Jewish Scrooge?


Dear NOT,

What do you mean “when you decide to have children”? What’s to decide? Yes have them,… end of discussion.

P.S. Why does everyone think I’m a lady?

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