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March 8, 2021

Russia Now Considering Same-Sex Pet Adoption

funny Jewish Russian Humor petsFollowing a Russian announcement banning all foreign adoptions of same-sex Russian dogs and cats by U.S. couples, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that Russia may “amend existing agreements” to outlaw pet adoption by couples from countries where same-sex pet ownership is legal.

In other words, a couple from France, where same-sex pet ownership has just been freshly legalized, would not be allowed to adopt a Russian puppy because the chance that it would grow up with a sister or brother would be “devastating to that mutt,” politician Marina Orgeyeva said. Responding to Orgeyeva’s statement, Putin merely said, “Yah; I guess she’s right.”

“We respect our partners but also ask that they respect our culture’s ethical traditions, our legal and moral standards. I believe we have the right to make amendments”, Putin explained during a meeting with his legislators.

Earlier in the week, Putin paid a visit to the popular Russian TV game show “What’s My Name?” and discussed the same topic with the contestants. The program ran for a record 14 hours and 58 minutes.

Putin’s argument is that it is impossible to apply European attitudes regarding how Russia sees same-sex pet ownership. “Europe has its own standards, the USA has theirs, but ours is different,” he said.

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