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January 29, 2023

Arafat’s Body to be Tested for Martyrdom

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Arafat Scheduled To Rise From Tomb – West Bank

The dead, rotting, decomposing bodily remains of former PLO terrorist Yasser “that’s my baby” Arafat will be exhumed so an autopsy can be performed more than 8 years after his death.

The examination comes after a French court (surprise!) launched a murder investigation (bombshell!) after a Swiss organization (love their neutrality!) revealed “suspicious” results (in a Clinton/Lewinsky way) found on his decaying clothing.

Conspiracy enthusiasts have persistently blamed Israeli assassins for Arafat’s death for over the past 8 years.

The Palestinian committee in charge of leading this investigation is as reliable as every other Palestinian committee that has preceded it. That is to say, it is of absolutely no use at all.

Is turnabout fair play?. We might never know because there is no equivalent Jewish law permitting an elected Israeli government from exhuming the corpses of formerly living politicians to divert attention whenever an Arab/Palestinian rocket lands on Israeli soil.

Remember, one man’s scientist is another man’s anti-Semite and just as in the Monica Lewinsky case, Palestinian sympathizers the world over will try to lay claim that the DNA on “the dead guy’s clothes” proves something sinister.

For the record, including CD’s and MP3’s, 8 years after Arafat’s death, Israel denies any association with the former terrorist’s demise, and continues to refuse to pay any portion of Arafat’s excessive dry-cleaning bill.

Yasser…, that’s my baby.

Nasser…, I don’t mean maybe.

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