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April 21, 2024

Elderly Pot Smokers Cope With Soaring Hydro Rates

humor grandma funny jewish potSenior medical marijuana users in Canada have a name for it: It’s called Gunja Poverty.

It’s what happens when the amount of money it costs to pay for home heating and electricity leaves you without enough money to pay for your weed and other necessities like bongs, rolling papers or medical cannabinoid-based edibles.

Sadly, this is what is currently happening to the elderly on pensions everywhere in assisted-living communities and nursing homes across Canada.

The average senior who is prescribed medical marijuana by their doctors and through the blessings of new Canadian government regulations courtesy of Health Canada, is finding it difficult to pay for their cannabis giggle smoke because of  rising energy costs.

As senior’s hydro bills keep spiraling out of control, they find themselves no longer able to maintain their home hydroponic marijuana operations.

Newly installed hydro Smart Meters are to blame.

“Until the Smart Meter was installed, the grow-op here at the Jewish Senior’s complex could produce huge amounts of dynamite weed for as little as a $2.05/gram”, said a volunteer who asked not to be identified.

As of this writing, all the equipment must be shuttered, forcing the elderly to pay street prices in excess 0f $10/gram for their bud.

“You work all your life and save and save, and then you find that even after last year’s bumper crop of skunky Mary Jane, you find that you can’t afford to pay for your medicinal marijuana, pot cookies and funny brownies or even some crumbs of space cake.”

A spokesman for the local hydro says that this is a common complaint, especially in this record cold winter. “We have seen a 300% increase in calls regarding high bills for their grow-ops compared to this time last year. Strangely enough, the elderly seem to be the most vocal about it”.

That they now have to leave their old-age nursing homes to purchase their marijuana is one more unnecessary burden that we are uploading onto the elderly. This is a national disgrace!humor grandma funny jewish marijuana

Take a “green” movement that promotes expensive energy initiatives, add to that gouging taxes, and top it all off with staggering delivery charges and the result is a toxic brew for expensive pot that seniors can no longer afford.

It’s a combination that leaves our seniors in the dark, wondering just how they are going to pay for their next once. Another unwelcomed source of anxiety for our most vulnerable pot smokers.

Next Week: Converting former grow-op spaces into something else recreational for seniors.

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One Response “Elderly Pot Smokers Cope With Soaring Hydro Rates”

  1. Johnc553
    September 5, 2014 at 11:12 pm

    Oh my goodness! an amazing article dude. Thanks

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