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July 21, 2024

Atheist at College Pressured to Pray

A Funny Question for our Jewish Humour Answer Lady …

Dear Funny Jewish Answer Lady,

I’m a college student who doesn’t pray; end of story. I was raised by atheists and it was instilled in me not to pray until I turned 21.  My housemates pray and pressure me to pray.

Now my friends won’t invite me out ‘cuz they think I’ll bring about a curse. They won’t even give me a chance to prove how much fun I can be without praying.

Anyway, one night I gave in and had a few words of prayer.

All of a sudden, my roommates started inviting me to parties. When I went, I felt very uncomfortable, yet, at the same time, people were finally accepting me.

Is it wrong to change what I believe in so that I can have a common bond with my new friends? I am so torn on what I should do…pray occasionally and have some friends, or stick to what I believe in and sit alone while everyone I know talks to God.

What should I do?

– Torn

Dear Torn,

Why does everyone still assume I’m a lady?

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