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Thursday July 27th 2017

We Come Clean

Question: Where is your famous Funny And Jewish Mission Statement?

Answer: First we need to be famous. Secondly, we need a mission. Come to think of it (and we haven’t until now), even if we had one, what business is it of yours anyway? Knowing your own purpose is far more important. Everything else will fall into place.

Question: Perhaps your mission should be not to have a mission statement.

Answer: Cute. They are usually nothing more than inflated to-do lists that are seldom funny, yet always manage to reek of self-indulgence and pomposity.

Question: Do you mean like “capturing the Jewish Zeitgeist filtered through a humorous lens”?

Answer: Oh, why yes. Or maybe even something slightly more pithy and neo sociological.

Question: …?

Answer: That’s just the point. Observations about Judaism’s rich, persecuted history of being God’s Chosen People struggling to be a “Light onto the nations”, all while using humor to portray modern Jewish culture blah, blah blah, blah blah. There. It’s been said. Think of our Funny And Jewish Mission Statement as a work in progress. Or a JeWikiLeaks manifesto. Please feel free to contribute.

Question: Can you try?

Answer: If you laugh we’ve succeeded. If you don’t, we consider it a victory for the terrorists. We defer to others to pontificate on matters of Jewish humor.

Question: Does Funny And Jewish have a hidden Zionist agenda?

Answer: Yes we do and its not so hidden. We’d like free trips to Israel. And not on points.

Question: Why not consider asking questions that provoke discussions about why Jews are funny?

Answer: Jews are funny?…The only question we’re asking is why our traffic continues to grow, yet our subscription numbers barely rank above an Amish site’s, and they don’t even get the internet! Look, if you like Funny And Jewish tell your friends. If you don’t, keep it to yourself. It will just be between us. And we mean that literally. 

Funny And Jewish Alexa Traffic Rank Update: a current 3-way dogfight recently joined by a self-hating Hutterite blog.

Question: What’s up with your web site’s name change?

Answer: Who knew that a Jewish humor website that proudly used the name Shylock would generate such harsh, negative reactions? We honestly believed that the quality of our humorous content would make people overlook a name that evokes such tremendous disgust that it borders on revulsion. Never-the-less, we still found it hysterically funny in an ironic kind of way. Shakespeare phrased it best: “What’s in a name?”. Unfortunately, Shakespeare also created one of the most vile, Jewish characters ever portrayed in theatre. So even though we originally thought it funny to use that character’s name for our Jewish satire site, it might not have been the best marketing decision after all. Right up there with silent musicals and glass kettledrums.

Question: Why are you so long-winded?

Answer: Our writers get paid by the word.

Question: Do your writers also have to be both Funny and Jewish?

Answer: No. They can just be and.

Question: Any further thoughts about your writers?

Answer: If there is comedy in tragedy, our writers are goldmines for humor. They are nervous by nature, philosophically neurotic and use their humor like a drug to cope with life’s anxieties.

Question: Are all your writers named Newton?

Answer: We happen to like that name.

Question: If Jews constitute such a tiny segment of the population, why are they over-represented in the humor industry?

Answer: Sorry. We were too busy laughing at our own lives to have noticed.

Funny And Jewish is a satirical humour website

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2 Responses to “We Come Clean”

  1. H. Fer says:

    Thanks for answering all these questions. Maybe we should ask Mel Gibson those questions (when he’s sober) and see what he says.

  2. Candellaria Courser says:

    I have to say that for the last couple of hours i have been hooked by this site. Keep up the great work.

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