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Syrian Movie Director Jailed

Jewish Humour

Damascus, Syria

A Syrian court sentenced a filmmaker to 6 months of torture for her documentary exposing the methods used by Syrian police to extract confessions.

The arrest was performed following the final editing of sequences depicting the pain and anguish inflicted on citizens by the local constabulary.

All copies of the film were seized as they contained evidence of brutal and atrocious treatment, some of which were augmented by local actors trained in improv.

Convicted for “Possessing Anything Injurious to Syria’s Reputation”, she was summarily released in a plea bargain that saw 97% of her movie re edited down to the credits. After fingerprints were taken and subsequently returned along with other valuables, the defendant was placed under house arrest. Unfortunately, that house belonged to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

While the decision was applauded by international human rights groups, most notably ‘Countries Without Borders’, Syrian film critics would have rather “cut off their thumbs” than sit through another screening of her movie. Better still was the comment by an acerbic scribe who intoned that “receiving only 6 months of torture for the quality of that work was getting off easy”.

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