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Friday August 18th 2017

Syria’s Black Friday Online Sales Top $1 for First Time

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Syria’s Black Friday online sales topped $1 (all sales in US figures) for the first time this year as more Syrian consumers used the Internet to do their holiday shopping.

Online sales exploded by as much as 100% on Black Friday, up from absolutely nothing on the exact same day of last year or any day of any year, according to those who keep these kinds of figures.

And accordingly, these figures mean something. Last year, for example, many people bought many e-things online. But not in Syria, where its easier to wake up without a kidney than it is to manage your e-commerce spending.

However, the good news is that e-commerce spending is growing much faster than the Syrian brick-and-mortar retail stores because the Syrian brick-and-mortar retail stores are no longer left standing.
Funny Jewish Humour (Jewish humor)

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