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Dear Funny Jewish Answer Lady…Jewish Humour

Jewish Humour

Funny Jewish Humor Dear Funny Jewish Question and Answer Lady – Or should I call you Bubbe?

Our son is 50. He has never been married. He has a very liberal demeanor. One month ago he met a divorced woman with 11 children from a previous marriage.

I’m not saying that’s much, but her uterus should be in the Smithsonian Institute.

Now, both of them seem to be in an unusual haste to get married. Know what I mean?

My concerns are many. First, she is a common laborer while my son is a gifted classical musician. That being said, I’m worried about the differences in their social standing. He’s a Kohane who comes from lofty spiritual stock and she’s just a common Israelite (although I do respect any hardworking person and love every fellow Jew).

I advised him to look for a more compatible Jewish soul mate but he will not listen. What is your advice on this situation old Jewish Bubbe? What is considered these days to be a reasonable time-span for getting to know each other before deciding to go running off and getting married?

– A Worried Jewish Mother

Here is your answer darling:

Dear Worried Jewish Mother –

At 50 years old, your son will soon be old enough to make up his own mind about the kind of life that he wants to live. Not to get all Forrest Gumpish on you, but life is like a big crock-pot of cholent (stew), it has no real timetable.

Your opinions about your son’s girlfriend seem to be somewhat harsh. For Crying Out Loud, he’ll soon be 51 and ready to move out! You’ve got plenty of time to worry. Now go home and relax.

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