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Egyptian President Mursi’s Mad Grab To Be Pharaoh

Jewish HumourJewish Humor Funny PharaohCurrent Egyptian President Mohamed Mursi has sparked national and international controversy by granting himself powers only last enjoyed by Pharaoh Ramesses II.

In addition to being referred to as the Fourth King of the 19th Dynasty, Pharaoh Mursi (as he now likes to be called) will also be traveling in similar political circles.

With “absolute” control, Egypt’s new pharaoh and “royal assembly” i.e. the Islamic Muslim Brotherhood, will be constitutionally shielded from any political challenges and all future prosecution by anybody, anywhere.

Egypt’s Current Economic Condition

Given the plethora of options resulting from the democratic reforms attributed to the Arab Spring, Cairo media reports that today’s Egyptian would prefer complete Jewish subjugation over conventional economic trade with Israel.

Yes, you read that correctly. A staggering 100% of Egyptians would replace modern day commerce with Jewish slavery.

And did this change in Egyptian zeitgeist happen overnight?

Not according to even the most ardent of Muslim atheist economists, who attribute 10 devastating Biblically proportioned plagues that left the Egyptian empire beyond rehabilitation. This appears to be the result of over 3,400 years of grudges that have been left festering.

But to close on a happy note, the current mood at Tahir Square in downtown Cairo suggests a fond nostalgia for the “good ‘old days”, when baby Egyptians were read hieroglyphics to bed, and a taskmaster’s son could one day grow up to design world-class pyramids.

As a post script, when was the last time you heard anything as far-fetched as this proposition? Leave a comment, take our survey and make us one of your sources for Funny Jewish Humour on the web.

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  1. Este Pounds
    December 24, 2012 at 9:57 am

    This humour site provides funny, quality articles and additional stuff. Thank you so much for the Jewish/Egyptian humour.

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