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Funny Arabic TV Shows

Funny Jewish Humor and Arab TV

Is Arab TV and Sharia Law Compatible?

You bet they are! And as you are about to read for yourself, when taken together, they can also produce some very funny results. The new crop of Arab comedies are clever, current joke-filled laugh fests.

Hot on the heels of last year’s two runaway Arabic television hits, Who Wants to Be a Militant?’ and ‘Fatah Knows Best’, Arab TV, BBC Arabic and Persian Television have all agreed to broadcast the following programs throughout the Arab world.

I Married a Martyr

He’s a successful city planner who wants to build up his Arab town. She’s his new bride who wants to blow it off the map. The comedy ensues when a wife obsessed with dreams of 72 eunuchs wants to blow up just about everything she sees.

I Dream of Jihad

A “moderate” Muslim astronaut rubs an antique lamp the wrong way, conjuring up the late spirit of Yasser Arafat to do his evil bidding.

The Electric Company

Spelling H-O-L-Y-W-A-R was never this much fun…That is, until Israel got serious about terrorism and finally cut off Gaza’s electricity.

The Flying Nun

Mayhem and gospels are spread all over Bethlehem. This week, the Flying Nun has nowhere to land because her church was burned down to the ground by terrorists who had earlier taken refuge there.

You Bet Your Life

Contestants plead for their safe release while a live studio audience wagers which family will be first to come up with the ransom monies.

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