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Driver Ticketed for Being Female

Jewish Humor Arab Woman Driver

A Saudi woman was released on bail after being ticketed for driving while being a female.

Having been detained for 10 days for breaking the ultra-ultra-conservative kingdom’s ban on women drivers, her lawyer (not a woman) hopes the case will soon be closed.

The medical assistant was arrested after posting a video of herself driving a car ALONE. The serial divorce explained that getting around the Arabian peninsula was often too difficult.

Women in Saudi Arabia must rely on male relatives for rides providing they are too poor to hire chauffeurs.

However, it wasn’t her driving that was the problem. It was her speeding to the border that got her arrested.

A petition calling for her release garnered 5 signatures on a Facebook page. None of the signatures included Angelina Jolie, Susan Sarandon or Madonna primarily because she’s too old to adopt, feed or mold.

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