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Israeli Employees are the Happiest on the Planet

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Fact: Zero out of 100 (0/100) Israeli workers ever get depressed. However, that 101st guy…He’s never getting out of bed again!

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Got a case of the office blues? If you do you’re alone, providing you work in Israel. That’s because a recent Israeli survey found 0% of Israeli employees ever suffer from depression.

What’s more, the survey found that 0% of Israeli workers say that they’ve ever experienced any form of depression in their life.

These results are truly amazing!

Israel now appears to be the happiest place on earth (with apologies to Florida’s Disney World).

The findings could be even more far-reaching in scope than originally thought. For example, a Canadian mental health study commissioned by the Government of Canada found that 30% of all disability claims stem from mental health related issues.

Except for that 101st over-stressed doozy, it appears that you won’t find a single falafel eating, Jewish yarmulke wearing, Hebrew speaking, card-carrying Israeli sad-sack in the entire country.

And no wonder; Israeli employers take the issue of mental health as seriously as others here keep the Jewish laws of Sabbath and treat national defense.

Funny? Yes. Jewish? Of course.

And according to these findings, 100% of Israeli managers believe that it is their job to intervene if they notice as much as a frown or a grimace on their employee’s face – It is almost as if the Land of Israel itself refuses to allow depression to take hold (except for that aforementioned 101st guy).

All joking aside, this Jewish funny made us laugh.

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