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Iran Defies Joke Embargo

Iran arms Syria Funny Jewish HumorSyria is the primary destination for Iranian funny gag gifts like fake vomit, stink bombs and poo-poo cushions, a direct violation of a UN ban on anything remotely funny exported by the Islamic Republic

According to a new Turkish report on Iran sanction busting, Syria remains only one of a handful of countries that still find Iranians and their practical jokes funny.

News of the report came as Tehran and the UN try to resolve their differences concerning Iran’s nuclear ambitions. The UN wants to curtail them; Iran wants to blow up the UN.

Three large shipments from Iran to Syria have been monitored over the past year.

The report says, “Iran continues to defy the international community through the illegitimate vending of amusing knick-knacks, humorous chachkas and sheer gross-out novelty items.”

All of which underscores the point that Syria remains a central party to the illicit transfer of funny Iranian souvenirs.

The second shipment involved dribble cups that France said was destined for Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s inner circle.

Armaments Iran sent Syria that were intercepted by Turkish authorities include itching powder, remote control fart blasters, flies in ice cubes, snapping gum, shocking pens, fake lotto tickets, imitation doggy doo doo and trick birthday candles (you just can’t blow them out – simply hilarious!).

The most recent incident was an illegal shipment of Iranian smelly spray found in the hollowed out legs of a donkey seized as it was crossing the Turkish/Syrian border. Turkey has since imposed an arms embargo on Syria.

It is difficult to guess at this point how the UN Security Council might act. Remember, last year’s report was blocked by Syria’s best-friend and drinking buddy, Russia.

While Iran publicly rejects all allegations of developing nuclear weapons, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad continues to publicly lust for the ability to one day produce a nuclear whoopee cushion.

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