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Friday August 18th 2017

Mel Gibson Tribute Guitar Released

Gibson Guitars finalized a deal with actor Mel Gibson to honor what would have been a respected career, if only he wasn’t such a loud-mouthed, vulgar ass.

The Gibson Guitar company officially announced it will release a limited number of Gibson J-160Es — the guitar Mel allegedly enjoys breaking during fits of drunken ranting.

Musicians can choose from 4 versions of the new Gibson-Gibson tribute line including:

- One for Jews

- One for Women

- One for Blacks

- One to be played only if your name is “Sugar T*ts”.

The limited edition Gibson-Gibson Tribute guitars are made to be played loud and hard. Each Gibson-Gibson comes personally decorated by Mel himself – stylistically engraved wrapped tightly around the neck and hand-scratched across the rest of the body.

A strictly acoustic “break-away” companion model will also be available for the upcoming X-mass shopping season. Expect a mad rush…to the attorneys!

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Reader Feedback

6 Responses to “Mel Gibson Tribute Guitar Released”

  1. Why are they selling this? This has has has to be a photoshop joke. Just leave Mel Gibson alone. We all know from recent news that he does not deserve the attention.

  2. john bonham says:

    Finally, a funny Jewish humor website that appreciates the comedic timing of beats between punchlines. Yuppers!

  3. [...] The seizures were part of an ongoing investigation into Gibson’s procurement of materials it uses for its line of Mel Gibson Tribute Guitars. [...]

  4. Gibson Roadie says:

    Nice bit. The Gibson Tribute guitar thing was clever. Funny spoof. Thanks for the satire!

  5. joanne scamer says:

    Thank you. Funny stuff! Mel Gibson Jokes make me laugh.

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