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Today, hundreds of Palestinians in east Jerusalem did not set tires on fire or garbage bins ablaze, or hurl rocks at Israeli riot police who refused to respond by not shooting rubber bullets or tear gas.

The heaviest clashes in months did not break out as European envoys declined to abruptly cancel their visits.

The unusual peace spread from Arab neighborhood to Arab neighborhood across the eastern side of this peaceful city.

Palestinians joined Jews in the Old City for the rededication of an ancient synagogue and further offered their services to build more Jewish homes in the predominately Arab populated east Jerusalem.

No Arab youths shouted anything or burned any effigies anywhere within the country.

In a related story, not a single police unit or any anti-riot squads armed with assault rifles, stun grenades and batons were needed to be deployed because there has not been any anticipation of unrest for quite some time now.

This morning, Palestinian merchants in east Jerusalem proudly threw their doors wide open hoping to attract Jewish business and OK, even this is getting too difficult to maintain….

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