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Syria Defies Eclipse

Funny Jewish Humour

funny Jewish Humor Eclipse

“More Violations Than a UN Agreement!”

Take note: that above expression will soon be be the newest phrase around your daily office cooler.

This story continues to follow our Funny and Jewish feature on Syria Agrees to Observe an Eclipse.

The Syrian observation of a UN-led solar eclipse was somewhat marred earlier today when sporadic carnage broke out after only 5 minutes of celestial darkness. Moments earlier, Syria’s air force neglected to fire a single missile or drop 1 barrel-bomb on rebel strongholds, as Syrian opposition fighters also refused to attack any regime positions.

For 5 whole minute!

Syrians of all political stripes and affiliations, civilians and military personnel alike cast their eyes skyward; all while UN forces mediated the distribution of safety protective eye wear.

In a war that quite frankly has taken a frustratingly long time to take hold, this one is becoming pretty boring to follow.

Activists, terrorists, militants, fighters and union members have all accused the others of almost as many violations as Israel has been accused of at the United Nations.

5 minutes following the eclipse and just as the sun’s corona broke, 110 Syrians were immediately killed; a body count similar to the previous day’s entire death toll.

Can you imagine religious Jewish families (or even non-religious Jewish families) halting their food preparations in order to fight? Fight instead of Eat? And these weren’t just any meal preparation mind you. But food preparations for a 4-day holy feast no less!

We know: It sounds as nuts as it reads.

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