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Thursday July 27th 2017

Funny And Jewish Slogans

Top Jewish Humor Slogans

Funny & Jewish – Choice Humour For Chosen People.

Funny & Jewish – Jewish Humour 24/6.

Funny & Jewish – The Moderate Voice of Radical Secularism.

Funny & Jewish – Uncontaminated by Web Traffic.

Funny & Jewish – Where News Breaks Faster Than Wind.

Funny & Jewish – Serving the Greater Community of 600,000 Jewish Souls.

Funny & Jewish – Where No One Leaves Comments.

Funny & Jewish – It’s Funnier When It Happens To Someone Else.

Funny & Jewish – Now On The Internet.

Funny & Jewish – Honest Enough Reporting.

Funny & Jewish – The Home of Broken Dreams and Positive Pregnancy Tests.

Funny & Jewish – Delivering the Funny 24/6 Minus Holidays.

Funny & Jewish – Steroids For Your Funny Bone

If you like Funny And Jewish tell your friends. If not, keep it to yourself and it will remain just between us. Promise.

Funny And Jewish is a clean Jewish Humour website.

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  1. Na Ha says:

    This is really a very funny site. As I am new to Jewish Humour, finding funny, quality Jewish Humour and funny jokes was getting tedious… until I found you Funny And Jewish. Nice.

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