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Obama To Meet Netanyahu-Jewish Humour

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In a highly unusual gesture reserved only for an exceptionally close ally, the White House announced that US President Barack Obama would meet with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu every day for the entire month of November.

The Israeli response was immediate: a complete relaxation of all concerns regarding Iran’s nuclear agenda. Easy-Peasy.

An Israeli official who couldn’t be identified but swore he only sounded like Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu because he had a cold, said the White House had consented to Netanyahu’s request to meet with Obama every day for 30 days so they could spend their time drawing red lines (presumably around Iran).

However, a bug may have been planted in Netanyahu’s ear after an Israeli cultural attaché pointed out that December contains 1 extra day, or an additional 24 hours to paint red lines.

Nevertheless, the 30-day welcome averts any potential plunge in U.S.-Israeli relations in the final stretch of a tight presidential election campaign.

…And everyone is happy.

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