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Friday August 18th 2017

Monopoly Goes to the Cats – Jewish Humour

Funny Jewish Monopoly Humour

A cat? A cat?

This is exactly what happens when you have too much democracy. People vote for cats.

I am never buying Monopoly again. Voters have decided to replace the original iron piece (token) with a cat. Never mind the missed opportunities with cool, shiny robots and helicopters. The idiot voting public has spoken and in unity they scratched out the word c-a-t on their ballots.

Remember, we weren’t talking about just any old game, but…Monopoly: Special Limited Jewish Edition.

These were your choices :

(1) Golden Calf

Funny Jewish Humor Golden Calf

(2) Sabbath Crock Pot -

(3) Moses and Staff -

Funny Jewish Humor Mosses and Staff

(4) Wine Kiddish Cup

funny Jewish Humor Kiddish Cup

(5) Dreidel -

funny Jewish humor Dreidle

(6) Havdalah Candle

Funny Jewish Humor Havdalah candel


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