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Thursday July 27th 2017

Google’s Penalization Policy

Funny And Jewish takes a very strong position on Google’s penalization guidelines… We love them!

The truth of the matter is that we like any policy that uses the word “penalization”. Why? Because it just sounds funny. Penalization.

We imagine the following scenario playing itself out daily high aboard Google’s Mother Ship: “Oh Oh… Funny and Jewish is using the word ‘penalize’. They must be making jokes about Penal Colonies again. Just what kind of Jewish filth is that site all about anyway?”

And just like a scene from Lost In Space, you have the Google Bots crawling back to Google blaring their warnings of “DANGER! DANGER! DANGER!”, which leads us to-

Our enormous web presence.

Although FunnyAndJewish thinks the world of Google, let’s be vulgarly honest. Google is vaguely aware that FunnyAndJewish exists. As far as Google is concerned, we’re just a rumor, merely hearsay from Bing, the existence of which cannot be verified with any certainty by Yahoo!

Without sounding conspiratorial (see JeWikiLeaks), we also believe that Google has a secret restraining order against FunnyAndJewish forbidding us from ever approaching a Page Rank of 1 or more. Believe us; competing for both attention and traffic with self-hating Hutterite blogs is quickly growing tedious.

Our pledge: We will continue to provide the most adequate Jewish humour available. Adequacy is our virtue. At least we can finally admit to something with pride.

Funny And Jewish is a clean Jewish Humour website.

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