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Thursday July 27th 2017

Clean Jewish Humor at Funny and Jewish


Question: When looking for a Jewish humour web site, especially one with a hidden, secret Zionist agenda, would I be wise to hitch my lucky star on

Answer: Yes, if only for the  sake of your funny bone. And our Zionist agenda is not so hidden. And we’re doing everything not to keep it secret. See, we’re still hustling for free trips to the Holy Land. And this time…, not on points.

: What’s it like  to capture the Jewish Zeitgeist and then subsequently filter it through a satiric lens?

Answer: …?

Question: OK. Give us your famous Mission Statement once again.

Answer: If you laugh we’ve succeeded. If you didn’t, the terrorists win. We’ll defer to others to pontificate on matters of Jewish humour, or as the Yankees say…Jewish Humor.

Question: Why do you find it difficult to end most of your pieces?

Answer: Our writers get paid by the word.

Question: Do your writers have to be both Funny and Jewish?

Answer: No. They can just be and.

Question: Any last thoughts about your writers?

Answer: They are (1) philosophically neurotic, (2) nervous by nature and (3) they use humour as a drug to cope with life.

Question: Are all your humorists named Newton?

Answer: Yes. We happen to like that name.

Question: All of them?

Answer: Yes. We really, really, happen to like that name a lot.

Funny and Jewish is a clean Jewish Humour (Jewish humor) website.

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