Two snips for the price of one at Al the Mohel Bris and Catering.

Folks, it's a Bargain!!

Let Al's do all the work at your next Circumcision!

Our competitors claim their Mohels are rabbis, doctors or choreographers! Bah! None can claim they are Catering experts!

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Read what our happy clients have to say!

I chose Al for my son's bris. Not only did Al snip quickly, but the food arrived hot, and on time as well. With Al, a bris is like blessing!
Shofar Shogood
Al brings the art of snipping to new levels. Say goodbye to the lastest high-tech gadgetry most mohels use, Al's bare fisted technique is second to none, and my wife didn't faint this time (like the other 6 times before we got AL!)

Can't afford to hire Al?, Don't be worried. Get the next best thing.

Order Al's DIY (Do It Yourself) Bris Kits! You save big and we give you all training and materials!

AMAZE your Family and Friends when you bring out the clamp and knive!

YES! Al, send me all the info you got on your DIY circumcision kit!

You made the right choice!

You're on your way to giving your son a Schmeckle to be proud of!


You get all this with the DIY Mohel Kit!


Al plants 1 tree in Israel for every foreskin he removes.

Surgical tape and gloves!

2 (NOT 1) Clamps!

10-piece set of Ginsu carving knives

1 free coupon for 50% off your next bris!

A free Sukkah from Hy's Sukkah!

It's all FREE! (kinda)


But wait, THERE'S MORE!

Al's client come from far and wide and some are quite famous! Don't take our word for it. Read about what our clients say first hand!

I am not Jewish, yet I called on Al for cosmetic reasons. I wanted to be circumcised by a someone with years of experience.(The fact that Al can do catering was quite a Bonus!)

Thanks Al for making this life long dream come true! I'm showing off your handy work at a club I frequent daily!

President of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

My buddy Ephriam told me about Al after the birth of his quadruplets. Before I could put down the phone, Al was at my house and I couldn't believe how good his Gefilte fish was!

Now, this mench called Al, he's the exception to the Jewish race. Who else would I trust my son's genitles with!

(Testimonials are from paid look-alike celebrities)

Al's is conveniently located near Kosher-Rama.

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